Thursday, 25 August 2016

Preschool Letter P Activities

Letter: P
Shape: Identifying Shapes Around Us
Color: Matching Color Names
Vocabulary Theme: Penguins

Hi guys! I hope you guys are having a great week. This week our letter focus was all things letter P. Here are some of the activities my preschooler enjoyed. All the free printables that I used are linked at the end of this post.


letter P beginning sound basket 

Along with these activities we practiced recognizing all the letters in his name. He wasn't really into it so I didn't push it. 


popcorn 1:1 correspondence

roll and cover. 

Since he already knows the names of the colors I added a bit of a challenge this week. We are working on recognizing the color names.

 Fine Motor:

 This was his favorite all activity all week. I using some cotton balls and some water mixed with yellow food coloring. He "buttered the popcorn" using a dropper. 

P is pumpkin lacing. 


Letter P pom pom painting. 

Sensory Play:

Popcorn and pumpkins

floating penguins.

Invitation to Explore:

Vocabulary :

I don't have a picture to share with you because most of our vocabulary practice happened at bedtime. He went to sleep with a stuffed penguin every night this week. So we talked about the different parts of a penguin pointing to each part and repeating after me. Flippers, beak, feathers, feet, etc.


Some of the books he enjoyed this week were Polar bear, Polar Bear, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, If you give a Pig a Pancake, and Penguins big Adventure.

Penguin roll and cover
Penguin Do a Dot page 
Popcorn 1:1 correspondence
Popcorn Fine Motor printable 
P pom pom painting printable

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

August Homeschool Favorites

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you some new homeschool products we've been loving this month. This is a collaboration with some other great homeschool mommies make sure to check them out.

Full Time Wife Life
Our Muslim Homeschool

Kwik Stix 

The first product is these kwik Stix paint sticks. They're tempera paint but a stick version. No mess, it dries in 90 seconds, and there are 6 colors in each pack. I purchased one pack at a local craft store and we've been loving how easy they are to use. I let the boys take them out whenever they're feeling crafty. the downside is that the sticks are small so they wont last for too long.

Here's a craft we did using the paint sticks, just to give you an idea. 

Hot Dots Jr/Preschool Prep:

These next two items are for my preschooler, Hot Dots Jr and Preschool Prep dvds. He loves the Preschool Prep dvds he has learned so much from them. 

I purchased ours off of Zulilly. We got the letters, numbers, shapes, colors and sight word pack.

He loves using the little owl pen with the cards. I purchased the numbers and letter cards but there are other options you can chose from.

Carmen Sandiego:

I remember watching this when I was younger, it brought back so many memories. The kids are after Carmen who is a thief that steals precious artifacts from all over the world. It covers history, and geography in a fun way.  The quality of the dvds aren't what our kids are use to now a days but it's educational and my boys found so many connections in what were learning.

That's it for our favorites this month. What are you and your kids loving this month?

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Newfoundland and Labrador

Hi guys! We completed our first Canadian Province, the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Here are some great facts the boys and I learned about this province.

Fun Facts: 
  • Newfoundland is referred to as "The Rock"
  • Newfoundland is located on the east coast of Canada
  • Its capital city is St. John
  • Provincial flower is the Pitcher Plant
  • Provincial bird the Puffin
  • Labrador's coast boarders the Labrador Sea and a part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Famous attractions include: Jelly bean row, L'Anse aux Meadows famous Viking settlement

Here's a loose schedule I followed. We did not get to everything I planned. 

Province Coloring Page/Worksheets:

 Province coloring page from Crayola.

The boys also worked on a fact sheet about the Province. 

Province poster, both the worksheet and poster are from here.

The boys designed a province t-shirt. They drew jelly bean row, pitcher plant, and a puffin. 
Worksheet from here.


After reading a non-fiction text about Puffins, the boys worked on a craft. Template for this craft is from here.


We enjoyed some great books both fiction and non-fiction. Our favorite was the Hungry Plants and Yikes, Vikings.

Animal Wall:

 We put up the animals up on our wall.You can grab the free printable here.

We ended our study with stamping our Canadian passport. 

I hope you learned some new facts about this wonderful province. We're off to our next adventure! 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up

Hi guys! Here's what we've been up to this week.

Language Arts:

My first grader learned all about the author Kevin Henkes and enjoyed a lot of his books. We worked on Character description, story summary, and compound words. 

Directed drawing of one of the characters in the story. 

Both boys also worked on a informational passage about grasshopper mice. We worked on finding the main idea in a passage and supporting details. 

This week we learned about the skeletal system and did some fun demonstrations. 

We did a demonstration on what would happen if we didn't have fluid around a brain using an egg. 

We also learned about all the ways our skeleton is important to our day to day lives. 

Islamic Studies:
This week we read about the story of Ibrahim and the call to Hajj and we also learned about Yusuf (AS)

Yusuf (AS) and the well craft and journaling.  

This week my preschooler worked on the letter R you can read all about that here.



Here's some of the books we enjoyed this week. We also finished reading our first read aloud The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

That's it for our week, I hope you guys had a fabulous week too.

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