Friday, 5 February 2016

Solar System Salt Tray

We are studying Astornomy this year and I made these planet cards for my boys to learn the order of the planets.

This week I incorporated the planet names into their spelling list. To help them practice we used a salt tray and the planet cards to practice.
Click on the image above to download your free planet cards. 

I hope you enjoy the printables and please do share with us if you use them.

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Weekly Wrap Up Post

This week full of advanture at our house. We officially started tot-school, which was exciting for all of us. My 3rd grader completed Dogs. I am so proud of him he worked through it and is excited to start Edgewood. We love Life of Fred.

3rd Grader:

 He is so excited to be starting the next book. He loves math and Life of Fred has been a great fit for him.

1st Grader:

 He is working through his vocabulary curriculum and so far we love all the lessons (we use Wordly Wise Grade 1).

Tot School :

I loved all the activities we did together this week. I am excited to come up with more activities for him and hoping he loves them.

Group Studies:

 We made lava for our study of Venus (we use Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy).

 We had beautiful weather this week, so we took advantage of the sun and did sun prints. I was waiting for a sunny day to complete this activity, it was part of our Sun lesson.

We read chapter 8 in Story of the World and did a Venn diagram of Shamshi Adadi and Hammurabi.

This week for geography we studied Nigeria.

We also made Frobscottle in honor of the BFG. We read this book awhile back but I promised the boys and I hadn't gotten around to it till this week. It was a wonderful end to our week.

I hope you had a wonderful week :)

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Tot-School 'Science'

Since Fridays are our relaxed day I decided to do a fun science activity with my toddler. To say he enjoyed it is an understatement. It was heart warming to watch his face and to hear all the excitement in his voice. His big brothers could not help but join in too :).

I put baking soda in the dish and the bottles have vinegar and food coloring.

I managed to capture of a video of him it was just precious to watch.


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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tot-School Play and Learn (Wipe Box with Letters)

For todays tot school activity my baby boy and I worked on some more fine motor skills. I used an old wipe box and some bottle caps. The idea behind this activity was for him to put the bottle caps inside the wipe box, but he had other ideas.

He just lined up all the bottle caps and just sang the alphabet song. That is okay I realize every activity is not going to go how I picture it. He loved the bottle caps but not the wipe box so much maybe will retry this activity another week and see how it goes.

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Montessori Zoology-Living and Non-Living

We started this lesson by discussing what characteristics living and non living things have. We sorted all the characteristics on the board.

After the boys understood how living and non living things differ we did a Montessori inspired sorting activity.

you can download the these free labels to use.

To finish off the lesson we watched a video on living and non living things.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tot School Fine Motor

Tot-School is something I've been debating to start with my son. He is 2 years old and keeping him engaged and playing is very important to me, but it was difficult to start. Having a 4 month old prevented me from doing all the fun things I wanted to do with him.

Finally last night I decided no time like the present. Our tot activities are all going to be play based and not stressful for me.

My son is a boys boy anything that involves jumping, moving and physical he is all for it. This activity was the perfect one for him, and I also liked that it called for minimal supplies.

I found a old diaper box cut out holes at the top and gave him some balls that I purchased a while back. He had a blast and so did my older boys. I think they wanted to play more than him.

Big brother couldn't resist he had to join in the fun.

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